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Hi, my name is Susan,

I am a passionate Birth Coach, Certified Doula, and an Evidence-Based Childbirth Educator. I have dedicated the past 10-12 years of my life to making a positive difference in numerous couple’s lives during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I am Your Baby Lady!

 As an experienced Baby Lady in Florida, my main goal is to empower expecting parents to make the best decisions based on the latest evidence available. Specifically, I guide them through what to expect and what to prepare for. I believe that informed decisions and thorough planning are key to a positive birthing experience!

Brittany is the most recent addition to My Baby Lady team! Check more on our About page.

What is a Birth Coach?

A birth coach or birthing coach is a trained non-healthcare professional who has the skills to support the expecting mom during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Furthermore, a birthing coach is also known as a doula. In fact, the term doula is Greek in origin and means “women’s servant” in a way to provide a positive impact on the labor process.

Is a Birth Coach the same as a Doula?

Yes. The term birth coach can be used interchangeably with the term doula, labor doula, birth doula, and other variations. That is because a doula has the skills to support, encourage, and empower the mom through pregnancy, labor, and beyond. In other words, she will be “coaching” you through your pregnancy in a way to provide you with a positive birthing experience. Although not mandatory to be certified, most practicing doulas are certified. Indeed, it is strongly recommended that you hire a certified birth coach or doula such as myself.

Susan was incredible… She was patient, kind, and encouraging, especially when I was discouraged. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge… when I was expecting my fourth child and fighting to have a vaginal birth after two cesareans. I jumped through so many hoops, from needing several ultrasounds and a specialty doctor approval, to needing my body to start laboring on its own without any intervention. Susan was there every step of the way, helping me to stand firm in my desires, but at the same time gently preparing me in case things changed… She taught me what questions to ask my doctors… she also listened keenly and discussed my goals, desires and helped me formulate a birth plan voicing them. She helped explain and teach my husband his role in our birth and its necessity. She became a great friend and emotional support through all the hurdles, and finally the greatest joy of my life in successfully birthing my baby. I will forever be grateful and recommend her to anyone.

Heather McBride

Successful VBAC after 2 C-sections

Did You Know?

Studies have found that support from a Doula provided: 


Decreased C-sections


Reduced labor times


Reduction in Forceps Delivery

*stats from International Childbirth Education Assoc.

Did You Know?

Studies have found that support from a Doula provided: 


Decreased C-sections


Reduced labor times


Reduction in Forceps Delivery

*stats from International Childbirth Education Assoc.

What Pregnancy Personality are You?

Have you thought about your options when giving birth? Do you know what options do you have and how to choose? Discover what you think and find out what else you need to know with these these thought-provoking questions!


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Pregnancy Coaching

I am pregnant, now what? What type of birth do I want? What baby gear should I be buying? – This is the phase where all the planing occurs. From overwhelmed to confident and ready!

Childbirth Support

Support during labor and childbirth: In person birth doula for St Lucie County, FL, or Treasure Coast. If distance is a factor, I would love to guide you and your birth team as your virtual doula!

Postpartum Support

Having a postpartum plan and support can make a dramatic difference in the recovery and mental health of the mom. For example, planning of visits, supplies, baby care, and self-care.

Childbirth Classes

Learn what to expect and what to do before, during, and after pregnancy. Discuss pain management, interventions, benefits vs. risks, medications, positioning, standards of practice, birthing settings, etc. 

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Why Choose Birth Coaching?

First and foremost, the focus of birth coaching is the birthing person. A birth doula helps create a calm environment such as making sure the lights remain dim and arranging the room accordingly. Second, techniques such as a soothing touch, massage, counter pressure, and using a rebozo (a long scarf) can make a great difference in comfort and pain management. Third, a doula can assist with water-therapy using the shower or tub, applying warmth through compresses or cold with ice baths. Often, a delivery doula will assist the birthing person in walking, squatting, and giving ice chips and food and drink, if permitted.

Moreover, having a birth doula proved to improve the client’s overall experiences. It does so by providing company, encouragement, a calm soothing voice, and non-medicated pain relief. Non-medicated types of pain relief include touch, acupressure, breathing exercises, movement, and position changes. Additionally, think of a doula as your advocate. Hense, a doula will support your right to make decisions about your own body and baby.

Finally, continuous support during labor provided by a doula is associated with a shorter delivery, fewer complications, and less medication or forceps usage.


 We Focus on Supporting Expecting Parents who:

  • Want to have a shorter, more comfortable, labor and birth;
  • Are busy professionals seeking a one-stop pregnancy 411;
  • Want their birth partner to be informed & instrumental;
  • Are geographically (or emotionally) far from family and close friends;
  • Are interested in choosing a friend or family member to act as their doula;
  • Want private or in-home childbirth education;
  • Seek individual or relationship counseling;
  • Look for a number of experts in pregnancy, labor, birth, & postpartum support;
  • Want a better childbirth experience this time around;
  • Are on bed-rest and needing extra help;
  • Want to spend money wisely and make smart financial decisions.

Some Health Insurance can Cover Birth Doulas


I accept insurances such as Medicaid and Aetna which cover birth doula services. If you live on the Treasure Coast ask me about how to get reimbursement for doula services!

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Virtual Doula

Advanced technology brought me the opportunity to help even more parents by being a Virtual Doula. Some parents already prefer it for convenience, comfort, and price. Moreover, with the rise in COVID-19 cases have increased the demand for home births and virtual support.

What to Expect from My Online Doula Services:

  • Lifestyle & Birth Style Assessment
  • Individualized Childbirth Preparation Education & Parenting Classes
  • Personalized Baby Gear Consulting / Registry Planning
  • Individual, Postpartum & Couples Counseling
  • Monthly & Weekly Check-In Sessions
  • Birth & Postpartum Planning
  • Better Birth 360 Comfort Measures Workshop

Birthing Options: What Options Do I Have?

There are many different “ways” to give birth.  It is important to understand your personal preferences to determine your feelings and priorities.  Take the Pregnancy Personality Quiz to help you determine what your preferences are so we can put together your birth plan to discuss with your health care professional.

What Pregnancy Personality are You?


How do you feel about giving birth? Have you thought about your options? Do you know what your options are? Find out what you think about some of these thought-provoking questions today!


Do You Have a Maternity Checklist?

Have the Best Birth Possible

Whether you’ve given birth before, already have a birth plan written, or are overwhelmed and have no clue, schedule your FREE session today! This is the time to share your hopes and dreams, your concerns, and your fears. I support expectant parents through medicated and non-medicated births, VBACs, and cesareans; planned or emergent.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my partner be included in the consult?

YES! The consult will provide you BOTH with tools and skills to work TOGETHER to help mom have a shorter, more comfortable birth. I will conduct meetings via Zoom. That way it can take place even if you are each in a different location!

If I join, will I have to pay?

There is no cost for the majority of resources found on this site. Please check back often for new content. Our consultation is also FREE and there is no obligation to commit to any service. We will develop personalized service packages based on our consultations. I will present it at a second FREE follow up session.

How many lessons and courses are there?

There are currently 10 different courses offered through My Baby Lady. From Birth Choices: Know your Options to Baby’s First Outing; to Preparing for Birth: A Modern Childbirth Course to Playtime for Babies & Toddlers.  My Baby Lady is also proud to offer the Baby Dream Gear Class Series and the Better Birth 360 Acupressure comfort measures workshop.

When should I contact a doula birth coach?

Ideally, you should have your doula birth coach onboard by your 5th month. You want time to get to know each other and to be able to grow together in a relationship. That way, when the time comes for labor to begin, there is an instinctive understanding between you and your doula. I have had moms contacting me a lot earlier, especially when they have questions and fears regarding pregnancy itself. I also offer childbirth education and you will want to be sure you had enough time to complete the course. Rule of thumb, you want to have your birth team assembled by week 30.

How do I schedule my FREE session?

I am so excited to get to know you and help you having a positive birthing experience. Click here to Schedule our Free Call!

What do You Get in Your Free Consultation?


First, we will get to know each other, your fears, your dreams, your goals, your concerns.

That will allow My Baby Lady to create a FREE birth “style” assessment and follow-up consultation. Then we will build a personalized Service Menu for you to address your most pressing concerns and deepest desires.

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