Best Diapers for Newborn: Cloth vs Disposable

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What are the best diapers for a newborn? Cloth vs disposable diapers is still a topic where a lot of parents have doubts about it. How you will diaper your child is an important decision because each requires an investment in both time and money. You also need to consider who will be caring for your baby most of the time and if they will be willing and able to support your choice.  Here are things you want to consider when thinking about your choices:

Types of Diapers

Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers are made with various cotton fibers and materials; large variation exists between brands and styles.

  • Organic, chlorine-free offer the safest protection for baby in the disposable category
  • Usually fastened with Velcro
  • The fabric around the leg and waist areas is typically elasticized and helps ensure a secure fit
  • Filled with absorbing material that holds moisture and wetness
    • Sodium polyacrylate absorbs water — it can absorb 200-300x its weight in water and trap it in a gel.
    • This may decrease the risk of diaper rash
    • Discarded in the trash after a single use.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers are made out of a large piece of cloth fabric and wrapped/folded around the baby. There are several different types of cloth diapers. Listed here from most cumbersome to easiest:

  • Flat: Large squares or rectangles of cloth diapers, reusable diapersfabric that are folded up; water-resistant cover needed
  • Prefold: Rectangular diapers that require less folding than flat diapers; can be folded in many ways to meet varying needs; water-resistant cover needed
  • Fitted: Rectangular diapers that require less folding than flat diapers; come in various sizes to fit from newborn to toddler; can be folded in many ways to meet varying needs; water-resistant cover needed
  • Pocket: Designed to be trim and easy to use; made with a stay-dry interior fabric and a waterproof outer fabric; two layers form a pocket that an absorbent pad can be placed into
  • All in Two: Designed for use with shells (outer layer/ cover) and soakers (insert).  Soakers are typically snapped or layered into shells; assemble the diaper before putting it on the baby

All in One Diaper

All in One Diaper are a one-piece diaper solution; no pieces to put together; wash and dry all as one piece.

  • Fastening the diapers varies among brands and styles
  • When changing, BM is transferred to the toilet
    • A diaper sprayer can be used
    • The firmer stool can be shaken off
    • Dunking the diaper in the toilet bowl with also work to loosen stool
  • Exclusively breastfed babies’ poop is water-soluble and doesn’t require any special care.
  • Diapers are laundered at home or through a service
  • Avoid detergents containing pure soap, enzymes, fabric whiteners, fabric brighteners, fabric softeners or anything scented
  • These items could cause foul odor or lessen the fabric’s absorbency

Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid Diapers are a part disposable, part cloth diaper. This type of diaper offers consumers the convenience of disposable diapers and the reusability of cloth diapers.

  • Consists of an outer reusable cover and an inner disposable liner
  • Liner is either disposed of in the trash, flushable or compostable (urine soiled only); varies by brand
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

Regardless of the type of diapers you choose, you may want to involve your other children (if you have) in helping with changing diapers. This will help to prepare your toddler for new baby.

How you will diaper your child is an important decision to make before you give birth. It requires an investment in both time and money.

Type of Baby Wipes

When selecting baby wipes, select by preference, convenience, and safety. Consult the Skin Deep (see more info below) database to learn which wipes are safest; chlorine-free, alcohol-free and unscented.  Textures and scents vary by brand. These are the types of baby wipes you can find:

  • Pop up-dispensed one wipe at time
  • Single fold- dispensed manually, tear off wipes as needed
  • Homemade wipes
  • Reusable or disposable
  • Spray on solution used with reusable washcloths or disposable paper towel

Types of Diaper Pails

When deciding on diaper pails there are several considerations. First, you will need to know which type of diapering you plan to use. Regardless of the diaper or diaper pail you choose, make sure you keep everything organized. You can read more about how to organize a nursery to further help you with that.

What is a Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is must like a trash can specifically for storing dirty diapers. Dirty diapers includes both – disposable or cloth diapers. A good diaper pail will be effective at minimizing the odor and reducing the amount of times you need to take out the diaper garbage.

Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapering Pails

  • Wet pails
    • Strong enough to hold a considerable amount of water
    • Easy to carry, comfortable handle and a spout for pouring out soaking solution
    • Requires a locking lid to prevent any young child from falling in
  • Dry pail
    • Can be one of the pails used for disposable diapering or any sturdy model that uses a standard plastic garbage bag for a liner

Diaper Pail For Disposable Diapers

Consider the following features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Child safety locking mechanism
  • Odor control and capacity
  • Smaller = more frequent emptying = less odor
  • Liners
    • Regular garbage bags
    • Required liners for your pail of choice

Best Diaper Bag for Babywearing

Finding the best diaper bag for babywearing can be overwhelming. Diaper bags come in several sizes, styles, colors and fabrics; and organization varies greatly from one manufacturer to another and the choice you make comes down to 100% personal preference.


Types of Diaper Bag for Babywearing

  • Budget: bags run from $30-$300; look for high quality construction
  • Organization: several pockets on the inside and out, insulated compartments are great for bottles and food; separate pocket or pouch for caregiver’s stuff
  • Size: medium, large and extra-large; as your baby gets older you may be able to downsize
  • Style: tote, messenger, backpack, stroller
  • Color: choose something that you will want to carry every day; look for a lining color that makes it easy to see what’s inside
  • Fabric: easy to clean inside and out
  • Closure of bag: zipper, magnetic flap, Velcro, snaps, ties
  • Comfort: look for wide and comfortable straps, try it on.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Baby Diapers

Environmental Working Group/Skin Deep Database (EWG) is an organization designed to inform the consumer about health and environment impact of products.

Why this organization exists

  • To protect the most vulnerable populations from health problems attributed to use of chemicals. Such populations are often children, babies, and infant.
  • To replace federal policies (e.g. government subsidies who harm the environment and natural resources) with policies that invest in conservation and sustainable development
  • To create opportunity for informed decisions regarding health and environment
  • Creates safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products. Information is done by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.

How is it relevant to expectant families?

  • Relevant databases: Skin Deep and EWG.
  • Check these database regularly because the information is updated and changes
  • Nearly 90% of ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety by any publicly accountable institution


EWG’s Guide to Infant Formula and Baby Bottles: “Safe Baby Bottle and Formula Guide”


Chemicals in baby products

Defining Common Toxins and chemicals found in baby products: BPA, Phthalates, Lead, PVC, Parabens 

We want to share with you the definitions of a few highly publicized toxins/chemicals that will inevitably come up at some point during your research on baby products.  Please be aware of the dangers associated with these. When you are selecting products that could come in contact with the skin or mouth, it is best to choose items that do not contain any of these toxins/chemicals whenever possible.

Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated asBPA, is an organic compound used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins; is used primarily to make plastic.

  • Phthalates are a group of composites added toplastics. They increase their flexibility, durability, transparency, and durability. Their primary use is as a vinyl softener. They have no color or odor and do not evaporate readily.
  • Lead is a very corrosion-resistant, dense, and malleable blue-graymetal
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a rigid plastic that releases hydrochloric acid when burned. This plastic is environmentally indestructible.
  • Parabens are a class of chemicals which are commonly used as preservatives in the industries of cosmetic and  and pharmacy.

What are the Best Diapers for a Newborn currently in the market?

Now that you have read through the information, I hope you have a more clear idea of what type of diaper you will choose for your baby. I will share with you my personal recommendations as far as the best diapers for a newborn currently in the market.

My Favorite Products and Recommendations:

best disposable diaperBest Disposable Diaper


best budget friendly diaper

Best Budget-Friendly Diaper


Best Eco-friendly Diaper

Best Eco-friendly Diaper


Favorite Cloth Diaper

Favorite Cloth Diapers


Best Diaper Wipes

Best Eco-Friendly Diaper WipeBest Eco-Friendly Diaper Wipe

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