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Susan was incredible… She was patient, kind, and encouraging, especially when I was discouraged. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge… when I was expecting my fourth child and fighting to have a vaginal birth after two cesareans. I jumped through so many hoops, from needing several ultrasounds and a specialty doctor approval, to needing my body to start laboring on its own without any intervention. Susan was there every step of the way, helping me to stand firm in my desires, but at the same time gently preparing me in case things changed… She taught me what questions to ask my doctors… she also listened keenly and discussed my goals, desires and helped me formulate a birth plan voicing them. She helped explain and teach my husband his role in our birth and its necessity. She became a great friend and emotional support through all the hurdles, and finally the greatest joy of my life in successfully birthing my baby. I will forever be grateful and recommend her to anyone.

H. McBride

Successful VBAC after 2 C-sections