How to Organize a Nursery

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Sometimes is overwhelming to think about how to organize a nursery. This article will show you some tangible tips to help get your baby’s nursery organized. First of all, you want to create a place that is safe and peaceful. For the first year of your baby’s life, their nursery will be a place to nurture good sleeping habits, bond during feedings, read bedtime stories, be changed, and get dressed as well as a place to play both before and after beginning to crawl. It all happens so fast!

Nursery Organization Ideas

As a Baby Lady, I have experience with many different nurseries. The first nursery organization ideas I want to share with you are the overall organization of anything in it. I suggest that you organize and label drawers for easy access during late nights and early mornings. That will be even more helpful to assist anyone who may be helping during your postpartum period. Drawer dividers or baskets might make it easier. Initially, hang clothes by size. Have a large container or box to hold clothes that your baby will grow into. Let’s take a look at specific parts of the nursery organization in the next sections.


The crib should be placed on the highest position until the baby begins to roll at about 4 months old. First, the sheets should be washed prior to use in a fragrance-free detergent. Second, your baby’s mattress should be free of chemicals such as PVC’s and phthalates as well as other harmful chemicals. Look for the GreenGuard stamp of approval. Bumpers, pillows, and blankets do not belong in the crib for at least the first year as they could be safety hazards. Talk with your pediatricians about when to introduce these items. On the other hand, wearable blankets (sleep sacks) can be used.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises caregivers to offer pacifiers to all infants up to 1 year of age when putting them on their backs to sleep, This is to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Light, Sound, and Temperature

Organizing the nursery for lighting, sound, and temperature can also have an impact on sleeping. For lighting, it is important to note that having consistent night lighting will help the baby with sleep. Parents who have multiple homes may choose to purchase the exact same lighting for each to create consistent sleep.

For noise, babies will often benefit from the sound of womb noise. If using a womb noise machine, you should pack it in your hospital bag and begin using it after birth. This will help the baby feel safe. Waiting days until returning home may not be as beneficial. Babies will use this for a few weeks-months and then want to change to a more soothing white noise sound. When the baby stops responding to the womb beats, it is time for a change. In summary, consistency is the key. In other words, creating the same environment for each nap and sleep time will assist the baby to create healthy sleep patterns. Finally, the temperature in the nursery should remain cool. You can ask your pediatrician for temperature guidelines.

Feeding Area

You will want to be as comfortable as possible during breastfeeding and pumping. That means you will want to look for a comfortable chair. The more positions available (upright to fully reclined), the better. Look for something you would be comfortable sleeping in. You also want a supportive nursing pillow that is a good fit for you. Moreover, a side table for water bottles, burp cloths, and schedule tracking sheets (if you are recording feedings). You might also want to consider being able to turn a light on or off while remaining in your seat. Finally, consider placing a throw blanket within arm’s reach of the chair.

Reading/Quiet Time

In your nursery organization, you need to consider your own time as well. This could be the same place you use for feeding time.  Place books in a small magazine rack or in a basket on the floor within arm’s reach of seating.  Select books that are made of fabric or sturdy cardboard; which will allow your baby to be rough with the books without damage to them.


The changing area can actually be anywhere consistent.  It does not have to be an actual changing table, although these are usually easier for parents. Besides finding the best diapers for newborns, you want to choose safe changing pads containing no PVC. Keep all skin products handy and within your reach and out of baby’s reach. You will need a diaper pail as well. Finally, consider hanging the mobile above the changing place, instead of the crib as babies do love them!


How to organize the toys in the nursery is also important. Toys and visual stimulation should not be permanently affixed to the crib so the baby learns that the crib is for sleeping and only for play time when the toys are provided. A great time to use the toys in the crib would be when you need to shower in the morning or while preparing dinner. This also helps your baby play independently. Parents can watch their baby on a video monitor or cell phone monitor app.

  • From Birth to Sitting Unassisted: This will be in the crib or on the floor. Toys for this age include oversized soft blocks, a baby mirror, a baby gym, grasping toys, teething toys.
  • From Sitting Unassisted to Walking: Establish an area that is completely safe for the baby to explore with supervision. Childproof before allowing the baby to play in this area. Include baskets/bins that the baby can access without danger. You want a variety of toys different in textures, colors, sound,s and shapes.

Planning the baby Nursery can be as much fun as stressful. Having a good plan will help not only you but anyone else who may be helping you during post-partum.

Final Tips For Nursery Organization

To further set up a baby nursery you can sketch a rough draft of how you would like it to be set up. Basically, a nursery design. Think about everything new you learned today, the space you have, and the number of things you plan on having/already have. Starting early will help you decrease stress during labor Do you have any other tips on how to organize a nursery? If so, please feel free to share your own nursery organization ideas in the comments. I will be happy to hear from your own experience and keep helping the community of moms-to-be!

What should I buy for my Nursery?

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