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There are simply not enough words that can describe all the feelings that immerge from a single picture. That is because pictures revive stories that the best memory can’t recall. Nonetheless, a child’s birth is one of the most important life events in a couple’s lifetime. That is why more and more families are choosing to hire a photographer to document their baby’s arrival. Some people never thought of that option, others remain skeptical. But the couples who hire a birth photographer know the value of registering those moments and enhancing family connection through the art of birth photography.


Why I Chose Birth Photography?

Crystal, a photographer living on the Treasure Coast, shared with us what got her into birth photography.

“On 1/4/2014 we decided since my niece Morgan was late arriving, we would do one last family session before her birth. When I arrived at their house that afternoon, I told her momma «today you will go into labor». Halfway to the park for pictures, she said I think you’re right. We had some fun down by the river capturing their last moments as a family of four while her contractions continued to progress. Then we got back home to drop the older children off with their grandma because she knew it was definitely time to head to the hospital. 

Off to Martin Memorial we went. Since this is my cousin’s last baby, she decided she wanted me to capture the memories of her birth for her as her husband was not too great at pictures of the first two babies. We got to the hospital expecting her to be fully ready, but she was not quite there yet. All night we paced the halls and laughed in her room while the contractions got stronger and closer. Both of Morgan’s siblings were born in the evening. Therefore, we thought for sure she would too but she decided to be different.

A little after sunrise on 1/5/2014 Morgan finally decided to join us at 8:07 am. A beautiful 6lb 9oz 19 1/2in a long baby girl. Since she decided to be different from her older siblings and born after sunrise, I told her momma she should have Rae added to her middle name. Morgan Rae Madison was placed on her birth certificate. The family came in to meet her and off we went, so the mom could rest. It was quite a beautiful experience being part of my niece’s birth and getting to partially name her”.

“A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable.” – Marcie Macari

Why Should You Consider Labor Birth Photography?

Having a birth photographer is a very personal decision. After all, the photographer will be sharing and documenting the most important moment of your life. Below are the top three reasons why you should consider labor birth photography.


1. Giving birth is one of the most important life events in a couple.

If you are currently pregnant, you may have already noticed you are starting to think differently. There is no doubt that the moment your child is born changes everything. Much like a wedding. If having good wedding photos was important to you, then you should consider labor photography.


2. Strengthen family connection.

A birth photographer will capture the interactions between you and your family throughout labor and delivery and the first bonding moments after birth. These interactions are much more natural if your partner and family are free of stress to ensure good pictures.


3. Birth is ultimately unpredictable.

You may have the best plan, but unpredictable situations may dictate that your baby will be born in a different setting than you have planned for. A bathroom, an ambulance, a home birth, a tight room in the hospital. Preparing for twins, or maybe giving birth at a time without much light in the room. The amount of light, the number of people, or the space may be totally different and jeopardize the ability of nonprofessionals to take good pictures. A professional has the experience and the right equipment for every possible scenario.


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