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What do I Need to Know During Pregnancy?

Find out what you need to know about pregnancy by taking an independent childbirth class. In the class, you will learn about the entire process and get exposed to all the options you have. You have more control over what happens during your pregnancy and birth than what you anticipated! Your education and knowledge are crucial for planning your birthing and postpartum experience.

Are Birthing Classes Worth It?

For starters, birthing classes can be covered by many medical insurance plans depending on the state you live in! In the Treasure Coast or Port St Lucie, FL, they are covered by insurance and may cost around $100 in hospitals uninsured and vary for independent classes.

Birthing classes are invaluable for parents who want to make informed decisions. Childbirth Education will provide you with the knowledge you need to better understand your options and stages. Knowing that together with the advice of your healthcare professional will help to empower you through your pregnancy and birthing experience. If you are planning a hospital birth, it is recommended you attend the hospital’s childbirth class. That is IN ADDITION to and not instead of an independent class. Bellow is a comparison between the two types of classes:

Hospital vs Independent Birthing Classes

Hospital Classes

  • Widely available through hospitals and can be covered by insurance
  • Class material focused on hospital procedures
  • Help familiarize participants with birthing options that exist in the hospital including the interventions
  • Gives physiology of birth given for the general woman
  • Does not emphasize birth partner support
  • Main focus on health of baby and expecting mother

Independent Classes

  • Need to be found and researched and equally covered by insurance
  • Class material tailored to the individual
  • Participants exposed to multiple birthing options including those not available at hospitals
  • Physiology variances taught based on participants
  • Birth partners trained in support techniques
  • Additional focus to include a positive birthing experience along with health


What to Expect from My Baby Lady Online Childbirth Education Classes?

My Online Childbirth Education Classes provide a basic understanding of what is happening during pregnancy, labor, and birth. My Baby Lady shares the evidence regarding best practices and shares several childbirth methods. First, we will lay out the choices you may be faced with during your pregnancy, labor, and birth. For instance, pain management, possible interventions, benefits vs. risk, variations, medications, standards of practice, hospital vs birthing center setting. Further, we will discuss having a healthy pregnancy, and tangible tools and positions you can use as comfort measures during active labor and childbirth.

The classes will also guide you through what to expect after birth, newborn characteristics, and breastfeeding basics. If implemented correctly, this knowledge can be a key step in attaining a positive birthing experience.

Should I have Birthing Classes even if it’s not my first baby?

If you never had an independent class for your first birthing experience you may have not be aware of some of the options that you have. Nonetheless, going through new childbirth education with the experience of giving birth in the past will make you realize details you may have missed. You may also realize there are other options for you to avoid what did not go as planned on your first birth.

Consulting with a birth coach like me will help you plan for all of that. If you had a cesarian in the past, you may be surprised to find out it may be possible for you to still have a Vaginal Birth (VBAC).

Take the example of my client Heather. She had fought with everyone from her doctor to her husband to have a vaginal birth after having had two cesareans. She jumped through a lot of hoops, to find a perinatologist willing to let her labor and attempt a vaginal birth. Heather opted for Hypnobabies as her birth method and I was her doula. She was diligent about doing her homework. I attended the Hypnobabies Doula Workshop in order to be in sync with her throughout her labor and birth process. When we arrived at the hospital, she was already 7 cm dilated and with the assistance of everyone on her birth team, Heather had a successful vaginal birth!

Heather reported a positive birth experience! She shared the value of having a doula with her by saying how grateful she was to have someone there reassuring her. indeed, she valued the support in preparing her should things not go the way she envisioned.

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