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Pregnancy coaching is another term that is used along with birth coaching. It involves detailed birth planning during the pregnancy phase. This includes childbirth education, baby gear consulting, counseling, parenting classes and much more. Do you know what to do after finding out you’re pregnant? In this page we will explain how My Baby Lady can help you with all the planning occurring in the pregnancy phase.


Why Hire a Pregnancy Coach?

A pregnancy coach is your baby planner! It is someone who supports a pregnant woman along with their partner through the whole process of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Pregnancy is the first phase of being a parent and often the phase in which the mom to be and her partner have the most questions, doubts, and fears. How to have a healthy pregnancy? What are my birthing options? Who should be part of my birth team? What baby gear should I buy? How to organize my baby nursery? As a pregnancy and birth coach, my goal is to guide you through all your options, avoiding all the stress and confusion of researching, and creating a plan of your own.

If you hired a wedding planner, why wouldn’t you hire a Baby Planner?

You are planing for the next most important day of your life. Let’s plan for your best birth possible!

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If you hired a wedding planner, why wouldn’t you hire a Baby Planner?

You are planing for the next most important day of your life. Let’s plan for your best birth possible!

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What we do during pregnancy coaching:

My first role is to help you feel safe and comfortable through supportive pregnancy coaching and birth support, complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide your medical care.

  • Birth style assessment
  • Birth Plan Session
  • Postpartum Plan Session
  • Childbirth Education Course
  • Baby gear consulting
  • Text and email support
  • Virtual consultations

Your services with me include support beyond all the planning in the pregnancy phase. Check out the services I provide during childbirth and postpartum:

  • Virtual labor visit & continuous virtual support through labor, birth & up to 2 hours beyond
  • Virtual postpartum visits and Postpartum Planning Session

What to expect from me as your baby planner?

As your Baby Planner, the first thing I do for you is listen. I want to hear how you envision your birth, and your hope and fears about achieving a positive experience. After, we will go through a questionnaire together to find your beliefs and knowledge of options. Our first consultation will solidify what support do you need. Based on that I will put together a personalized trimester checklist, or weekly checklist. Moreover, I will work with you to find any additional professionals you may desire, such as a photographer, acupuncturist, placenta encapsulator, etc.  I offer private childbirth education classes as well as self-paced parenting classes and one-on-one counseling and consultations.  You can expect prompt responses to text messages and email correspondence and I will do my utmost to help you achieve your goals.

When should I hire a pregnancy coach to plan my baby?

The best time to reach out to a pregnancy coach or baby planner is whenever it feels right to you. I have had first conversations with clients just before they decide to conceive. I have also had clients reach out to me between 20-30 weeks along. The more anxious and unsure you are about the pregnancy and childbirth, the more you can benefit from getting support earlier in the pregnancy.

There are so many things to attend to once you have discovered you are expecting! Taking the time to prepare for the event of childbirth is only one way you can benefit from hiring a baby planner.  Many doulas offer childbirth education in addition to their doula services, and My Baby Lady, Inc. Is no exception.  Our Baby Planning services are designed to be comprehensive in nature. Once your preferences have been determined regarding your childbirth and postpartum experience, My Baby Lady strives to insure you have support in attaining many of your goals as you progress through your pregnancy, labor and birth and recovery postpartum.

What Pregnancy Personality are You?


How do you feel about giving birth? Have you thought about your options? Do you want to think about your options? Find out what you think about some of these thought provoking questions today!


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What do You Get in Your Free Consultation?


We get to know each other, your fears, your dreams, your goals, your concerns.

That will allow My Baby Lady to create a FREE birth “style” assessment and follow-up consultation where we will build a personalized Service Menu for you to address your most pressing concerns and deepest desires.

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